Skydive Experience – An Expensive Thrill of a Lifetime

In just a few words, it was worth the wait!

Had to wait for close to 8 hours for 60 seconds for a thrill of a lifetime; jumping off a plane

Yes, I went skydiving in Skydive Dubai @ Desert Campus drop zone on 29th March, 2019

It was a rainy day; my jump was scheduled at 0830 and I had left early from my hotel, while it was a 1hr drive from Dubai to AlAin; I had a feeling it would be canceled and the Uber driver kept giving me negative vibes by saying “will it happen, the clouds won’t clear, it’s going to rain all day… ” Ugh I just needed him to shut up! Sometimes they should just leave the passengers to do their thing rather than build wasteful conversation. Anyways, once I arrived I reported at the Manifest desk, to see if they would be a chance to skydive.

Also it being in the middle of the desert I had no way of getting a Uber taxi way back. So then I waited and waited, every 2 hours to check if it’s canceled for the day, unless they declare it as canceled I was very hopeful, we were put on standby, when by later afternoon the rain, kind of dropped out, which meant that was a chance to relive the moment, but was again disappointed that due to wind and the dark high clouds we were told to wait again as standby.

Around mid-day, we were told to get ready, Omg! I got too excited, and bought the t-shirt, met my instructor, got the safety de-brief which was quite simple and easy to understand – chin up, knees together, shape like a banana, smile for the photos 😂😂😂

Well, just after I got tucked into the harness, the announcement came in, “We are on standby”

Oh man, the disappointment of getting off the harness, and it’s waiting time again.

Then again after a wait of close 2 hours, around 1640 we were told to get ready again, by this time the skies cleared, the wind was less, and I was bloody excited, OMG, it’s happening!!! I’m going to jump from a plane!

I had full confidence and faith in my instructor and we then did it! Here’s a glimpse of what happened next 🤣