Add External Users as ‘Mail Contact’​ to add them to a ‘Distribution List’​ Email Address

This is a guide on how to add External Users to O365 Distribution List Email Address. It is not possible to directly add external users, unless they are created manually as a Mail Contact. This guide allows you to add the users in bulk by importing the contacts in a CSV file.

Firstly, you would need to create a notepad CSV file of the users with Email, DisplayName and then we will import that file in PowerShell by the following cmdlets

PS C:\Users\shrenik.salguna> $users=Import-csv C:\Users\shrenik.salguna\Desktop\CallCenterEmails.txt -Delimiter ","

PS C:\Users\shrenik.salguna> $users

Email            DisplayName

—–            ———– Naser Saeed Abdulrahman   Wadha Hamoud AlBakmi Rehab Hamad AlRwished

 This cmdlet creates the users as a Mail Contact

PS C:\Users\shrenik.salguna> $users | foreach {New-MailContact -Name $_.DisplayName -ExternalEmailAddress $_.Email}

 Check from the list of users in the .txt file whether the users have been added to the Portal as ‘Mail Contact’

PS C:\Users\shrenik.salguna> Get-Recipient

 Name          RecipientType

—-          ————-

Naser Saeed Abdulrahman MailContact

 Add the user to the Distribution List in Bulk

PS C:\Users\shrenik.salguna> $users | fore